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Hysteria: Lolly and Lady Vanity


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Hysteria is often used to describe emotionally charged behavior
that seems excessive and out of control. But life as a woman
isn’t for the faint of heart. Hysteria is sometimes the only way
to go…

Can the flu, antivirals, and childhood trauma turn you into a
killer? Asking for a friend.

When Lolly gets diagnosed with the flu, she’s expecting misery
and meds. What she’s not expecting is an odd side effect from
her antiviral. She can suddenly see dirty halos around certain
people’s heads. These people have something in common—they’re
all child predators.

Lady Vanity:
Peri menopause is changing Frankie’s body and messing with her
mind. Plastic surgery is too expensive and everyone has some
kind of stupid advice. When Frankie stumbles across a vintage
electric knife, the Lady Vanity, at the thrift store, her self-
improvement is suddenly a DIY project with Lady as her partner.

When your sanity is suddenly questionable, as Lady’s slogan
says: Cutting can be fun!