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Mixtape 1986 – Hardcover


Featuring “Just Elaine” by Ali Seay!

Do you remember a time before the Internet? Before we all carried lifelines in our pockets? Do you remember how it felt to step into a neon-lit arcade on a Friday night, pockets heavy with quarters?

This anthology contains sixteen totally radical, dread-filled stories that will introduce you to a very different 1986: one where monsters roam the woods, arcade games aren’t as benign as they seem, toys contain deadly surprises, and VHS tapes provide refuge for latchkey kids. You’ll meet housewives, truckers, burglars, and creatures in tales that address themes of loneliness, fear, love, forgiveness, self-discovery, friendship, family, and sacrifice.

Let Mixtape: 1986 transport you to a simpler, scarier time.

Sold out!